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Originally Posted by Freyalise
I'm reading The Republic of Wine and Life and Death Are Wearing Me Out by Mo Yan over the summer, but I'm not sure that I'd be comfortable recommending either to anyone. Good books, but very mature books.
This book sounds like an amazing, but twisted book to read. I've always found the act of cannibalism intriguing and Liquor Land seems to be some imaginary place ripped from the dark, webby spaces of my mind @__@;

Originally Posted by Pandaccoon
I'm not good with books, I just read what seems interesting to me 8D
I don't know if you guys are tired of hearing about Neil Gaiman but here are some awesome books from him that I can remember:
Good Omens (made of pure win IMO)
Stardust (yeah the movie was based on this)
I don't usually read humor books... I can't recall the last time I laughed while reading, but Good Omens sounds interesting. I'll give it a shot when I've gotten tired of my usual reading genres :3