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After an hour of walking and hitting things in the dark, Olifen finally gets back to the tavern. Looking down he sees a bit of dried blood and speaks to himself.

"Heh. Maybe they finally got rid of Lari. That makes one less thing to worry about." He opens the door and a strong smell comes from the floor board. Ignoring it Olifen just heads up to his room.

Now safe and warm in his room Olifen walks over to this desk and takes out a few jars filled with strange material and one filled with a thick liquid. "Since now I have to pay off Ahrima I might as well take a job in the morning." Mixing together the materials with careful measurements. After a long while of mixing and measuring Olifen now has ten vials of his special oil. "Hm. Might as well test it. Been a while since I last made this stuff. I still have old vials but new ones never hurt. With that he gets up from his desk and walks to the window and opens it. The air was cold and filled with misery as it hit him.

A snake of red flames then started to wrap around Olifen, ready to strike. "Here goes!" He then throws the vial and then sends the flame snake after it. A bad throw. The vial lands near a roof and then snakes strikes it. For a split second everything around the explosion was see able. Olifen saw what looked like a gun barrel from the flash and he calls out. "Oi! If you're here to kill one of us then get a red head with freckles while you're at it!" With that Olifen closes the window, turns off his light and heads for bed.

Ahrima looked at her now destroyed counter and huffed. She then left the shop room, turned out her light and went to bed. "Tomorrow I will go to Olifen's guild and demand to join."

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