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Noting the time, Ergus cut his party short. "I gotta go, you guys keep...partying." announced Ergus. Exiting the casino, he takes out a piece of paper with a picture attached from his pocket and looks over it. "kill this god damn bastard, she blows my crap up every so often and I can't sleep with all these explosions! stupid god damn bi..zdn!!! i hat..dfk " The writing was a bit messy and started to trail into chickenscratch towards the end. In big font at the bottom, "$1600 REWARD A RANK" was circled. Looking at the picture, it was a slightly blurry shot of someone with red hair and a black cap. It was too small to make out any other details.

Flipping to the other side of the note, there was a crudely drawn map of the location of the target, including some roads and what Ergus though was buildings. After roughly 30 minutes of walking, he was at the top of a roof with a clear view of the building the target is supposed to be in. Whistling a cheery tune, Ergus put his large sniper down and started to set it up and loading the bullets. Within a couple of seconds, he lay prone on the ground and looked through the scope waiting to see the target in front of one of the windows.