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So disregard pretty much every post in regards to Wing Zero Custom above this one, because none of these guys play KR, so they don't know what exactly the buffs have done for it.

With the new buffs, Zero Custom doesn't have any ammo problems. Ever. Its still relatively fragile, and doesn't tank as well as it used to in the alt mode. On the upside, it hits like a mother****ing bullet train ramming through a herd of cows in the alt mode. A Nataku with its back turned? Big mistake. Boom. All defense Heavyarms Custom with EX Attack? Still no problem. Snipe shot to the front, bam: that's like, around a third of its HP gone in one shot. They even buffed the reload on that as well. And this is sort of result was from a Wing Zero Custom not even statted all Attack yet.

Its just a unit that takes a bit of work to use, and the buffs they put into place on KR recently just puts it more on par with the newer units in a rather simple way.

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