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Olifen kept trudging through the area as he made his way to the store where he always bought books. The sun long ago setting and lights starting to turn on. It was a cold night and Olifen started to shiver and hold himself hoping it would work. He had more important matters though. Explaining what happened to the book he borrowed from his friend.

"Aha! I got it!" Olifen just thought of the perfect thing to say to his friend to explain everything. He comes up to the door and knocks. After a minute of no answering he steps back and then kicks the door in and holds the book out while yelling "HEY AHRIMA! I was fighting a dragon and it would have killed me if it weren't for your book!" As soon as he entered though he felt a killing intent and looked to find the source. At the counter he saw his old friend with a look of murder in her eyes. Wasting no time Olifen races out the door.

"Get back here!" Feeling a strong pull against his hood Olifen gets pulled back and nearly strangeled by Ahrima. "Give me the book. Give it!" She extends her arm and Olifen places the book in her hand. She looks at once and then plants her foot right on his stomach. Olifen now out of breath. "It's good to know that it saved your life. Though you'll owe me to pay for another copy of this book."

"Y-yes." Olifen gives a slight nod and then tries to get up, moving Ahrima's foot off him. "Besides i'm going to be doing some jobs soon I think what with Lari blowing something up in the guild tavern and all. Now if you'll excuse me I have to get back." Olifen then heads out the door again and starts his way back to the guild. Not before hitting a wall that was in his blind spot first.

Now that Olifen was gone Ahrima set to fixing the door and then went back to her counter a sighed. She then punches the counter and splits it in half. "That Lariatte! She'll never get my Olifen!"