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Originally Posted by Accent
^Lolno, I'd reccomend hp/def for rfp.

Considering its damage come from a stunning melee and it needs to be horribly up close to use the vulcans, its better to beef up its defenses
Yeah that's my build, that you said was not as good as speed/atk(A loooooooong time ago.
Good for me that i never really thought that HP/def was crap.
Live more, SP is less of a threat
Helps defend against meele when stacked with skill2, making it a solid
The SP is high enough anyways, and Vulcans have decent firing rate
Wep1/3 causes lots of chances to be hit, so def is a must.
If u can spot stealth units with your eyes...(some ppl can, i know)
Stealth attacks can be countered with wep3's range+stun, then wep1 for full combo or just use wep3 KD