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At a certain table in a casino, a crowd had gathered, watching in anticipation as the four players were duking it out in a game of poker. One of them was an old man, another was a very elegantly dressed woman. The third one was the reigning champion at the casino in poker, and the last one was a particularly happy looking newcomer, who has had astounding luck throughout the whole game.

This was the last round, and all four of the players have gone all in, all confident in their hands. The reveal of the hands show the old man with a flush, followed by the woman, laying down a full house, jacks high, laughing gleefully. All eyes turn to the champion, who smirked and showed a full house as well, aces high. Only one person left to reveal, and he placed on the table a four of a kind. The crowd started clapping and screaming, "HELL YES, I WIN!" Ergus jumped out of his chair and hoarded all the chips toward him; at the same time, a loud distant booming sound resonated through the casino. Everyone looked at the exit, with Ergus commenting, "Uh...what?"