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Originally Posted by Nanayat
Just added, not sure if I'm as good as you or other forumers here, but eh, I tend to do better then everyone I know in real life so maybe that's something?

and for who I play.... I play alot of Tryn, I used to play Yi when I just started the game, I still play him, just not much, and for 5v5, Dr. Mundo is definetly one of my top favorites. I also play Alistar/Sion from time to time, occasionally Kassadin as well, but I suck so bad with him <_<
Eh, I like to think I'm good.
Usually when I lose it's because one of my team feeds wayyy too much.

I haven't played Kassadin since he was free a while back when I was new to LoL. I remember feeding so much when I used him.

I just got my second leave evur today...
Just like my first one, the game kept crashing and wouldn't let me load at all.

I'd get on now but I hafta go to sleep.