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Default LaTale Character Guide

LaTale Character Guide
Version 1.1


This a guide dedicated to all those who can't decide what Class/Job to choose.

Any sugestions/corrections/tips will be gladly accepeted.

Table of contents
1 - History
2 - The four initial ways
2.1 - Introduction
2.2 - Warrior
2.3 - Knight
2.4 - Wizard
2.5 - Explorer
3 - Job advancements
4 - FAQ
5 - Special Thanks
6 - Copyright

1 - History
Version 1.0 - Guide created.
Version 1.1 - Fixed some wrong info.

2 - The four initial ways

2.1 - Introduction
LaTale has four classes which you can choose from when you create your character. In this section I'll explain each one of them.

2.2 - Warrior
Description: "Warriors deal great damage in close combat.
They can use two-handed swords and spears.
Slash your enemies with ultimate rage! "
Weapons: Two-Handed Swords, Spears and Knuckles
Strenght - Excellent
Stamina - Great
Magic - Weak
Luck - Weak
- Very Begginer friendly.
- They can Deal high damage.
- They can take many hits.
- Their weapons can attack from a bigger distance than other Melee Weapons in general.
- Skills deal a lot of damage, with great AoE and OHKOing power.
- Best for soloing.
- They have few or no ranged attacks.
- They don't have few support skills
- Their lack of defense can make battles against big mobs really dangerous.
- They have the lowest SP of all characters. Because of this you'll need to buy a lot of SP Potions if you're planning on spamming skills.

2.3 - Knight
Description: "Knights are the tanks of the party.
They are well-balanced in both offensive
and defensive stats. They can also use shields.
Block your enemy's attack with your
holy shield!
Weapons: One-Handed Swords + Shields, Blunt Weapons (Maces) + Shields and Knuckles
Strenght - Average
Stamina - Excellent
Magic - Weak
Luck - Average
- They are the best tankers.
- They have good supporting skills.
- They can withstand tons of damage.
- They have the highest survivability among all characters.
- They have Excellent defensive stats.
- Best for partying.
- They have few or no ranged attacks.
- They have low SP, but not as low as Warriors.
- Their damage is probably the worst among all classes.

2.4 - Wizard
Description: "Wizards can use various elemental and healing
magics. They are bad at close combat due to their
low HP, but with the help of support magic, they overcome their weakness.
Blow your enemy away with your elemental power!"
Weapons: Staves, Daggers, Knuckles
Strenght - Weak
Stamina - Average
Magic - Excellent
Luck - Good
- Their attacks/skills are ranged.
- They have long reach with skills.
- They have the highest SP among classes.
- They have powerful AoE skills.
- They have healing and supporting abillities.
- They are the most diverse class.
- They can deal high damages with elemental skills.
- They can fly in their staves.
- They are not very begginer friendly.
- They are the hardest class to train in the beggining.
- Their low HP can kill them with ease.
- They have low defensive stats.

2.5 - Explorer
Description: "Explorers are the quick-attack class with various
useful adventuring skills, whose stats are focused
on luck. They can learn many support skills.
Ranged weapons and daggers are their weapon of choice.
If you want versatility, this is your class!"
Weapons: Bows, Crossbows, Daggers, Knuckles
Strenght - Average
Stamina - Average
Magic - Average
Luck - Excellent
- Their attacks/skills can be Ranged or Melee, depending on your weapon of choice.
- They have good skills with decent damage.
- They have good amounts of HP and SP.
- They have some great AoE skills.
- They can use shields if they choose daggers as their weapon of choice.
- Their defense is one of the worst, but bigger than Warrior's.
- Long-ranged can be easily killed in a face-to-face fight.
- They don't have much support skills.
- Getting in the middle of a big mob may be really dangerous.

3 - Job advancements
Coming soon...

4 - FAQ
Send me PMs with your questions and they shall be answered.

5 - Special Thanks
Rtothef (Check his guides, they are really good.)
6 - Copyright

Copyright 2008 Znake

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances
except for personal/private use.
It may not be placed on any other web site
without advance written permission.
Use of this guide on any other web site
or as a part of any public display is strictly
prohibited and a violation of copyright.

Thanks for reading, hope you liked it!

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