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Life will become famous soon enough

Oh. Well that was just an example of not-very-good special effects.

I dunno the definition of wuxia but I'm sure I must've watched a few.

I've watched the first one you mentioned (射雕英雄傳). I went on wiki to see and it didn't give much info, but if that's the one where there's a guy who loses his arm (s?) due to a jealous girl and then he has to live in a cave with a giant bird fora period of time. I've seen it. It was a while ago though.

The second one you mentioned sounds familiar. But I looked on wiki and I don't recognise any of the characters.

Oh, and this is probably one of the most recent ones I've watched and one of my favourite:

Read wuxia on wikipedia. And I have watched lots of films about 點脈, 輕功, 内力 and 江湖. And how they have to compete to be the head of 江湖.

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