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Default 還珠格格 (还珠格格 Huan zhu ge ge)

Has anyone else seen it?

I just rewatched all of Series 1&2 over the last 2/3 weeks and it was even more awesome then I remembered.

I watched the cantonese version (it was on tudou) because I can't understand mandarin. How do they manage to dub it? (I had a sneak peak at the mandarin version, and I have to say the voices in the cantonese version sound better. Ha!)

Favourite characters? (Names stolen from wiki cos I can't type chinese (out of curiosity, what's the cantonese equiv. of pinyin?)

小燕子 - She's so funny! She does throw way too many unnecessary temper tantrums though. I feel so frustrated for her friends when she's acting really stubborn and uncontrollable.

Still my second favourite character. She is way too funny.

夏紫薇 - So pretty! She's one of the main reasons this show is so good (well they all are lol) - I absolutely hate it when she forgives and forgets so easily. I'm 99% sure there in no-one like her in this world.

She really needs to learn how to fight. It must suck having to stand on the sidelines. And is it just me or is she always the one that gets the illnesses!?

The ending where she SPOILER (kinda) forgives the empress is so touching.

永琪 - I feel so sorry for him sometimes. Xiao yan zi (I go with the pinyin because it looks nicer and I dunno the cantonese romanizations) can be annoying. Not much else to say.

福爾康 - Not much to say.

金鎖 (and all the other servants) - Need more storyline. I liked her.

晴兒 - OMG. She's so damn nice! She definitely needed a bigger role. She should've been really close friends with Zi wei and Xiao yan zi.

含香 - Loved her. Dancing was meh. I wish they didn't split up at the end!! It was so stupid imo. And her story about 'Ni shi feng er, wo shi sha' wasn't THAT convincing imo. I don't get it really (You are wind, I am sand... er so what?)

Even though I've only just finished it 2 days ago I can't remember a lot of it. D:


(So watching Duke of Mount Deer/whatever-it's-called after this because 林心如 (Zi wei) is in it!! The cantonese version on tudou sucks though because it has the cantonese voice ontop of the mandarin voice. Ugh. I'll have to bust out the old vhs lol).

Any other good shows that are based on the olden days where there were kings (and swords and stepping on people's heads to fly?)

The soundtrack is so good.

Same lyrics as the theme in Series 1 but much better imo.

Awesome song.

The start is kinda weird (before the singing starts) because it kinda sounds like seduction! Then it's good until the man sings (he starts way too low).

Without the man's singing. Worse quality though.


I posted all the ones I like. Can't really pick a favourite, depends on mood.

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