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Default [How to] Manually patch HK Elsword

This may be a breakthrough, I have found a way to directly download the patch files from the patch server.

Using my knowledge of <cough> hacking <cough cough> I was able to use a Packet Sniffer to track down where exactly you get data from when you patch Elsword.

This MAY change, but is correct as of 27/04/2010 18:42

Of course replace the X's with the number data file that you want.

The patch server has a frequency to "reset" so I'm using a download manager called FlashGet to keep the download file intact if it does decide to reset.

Hopefully this will make your patching process alittle smoother.

I also found this:

See if you guys can make anything out of this... XD

I'm still trying to find a "UpdateFilelist.xml" file on this server. I'll get back to you if I do find anything.

Edit: I haven't ACTUALLY tried this yet, I'm currently downloading data033.kom which is 39MBs big at a rate of 10kb/s... fun times.

Edit2: I can confirm that this works, all there is to do now is to somehow find which files need to be patched... or you could go ahead and download all the data files at the same time.

Edit3: Guide on how to patch all data files at the same time:

First step: Download a firefox plugin called "DownThemAll!" Google, or otherwise to obtain. Install into firefox and get it working.

Second step:

On Firefox, click Tools>DownThemAll! Tools>Manager...

Third step:

Click Add URLs

Fourth step:

Input this URL into the URL field, Click OK, and click that you're okay with starting 99 jobs:[01:99].kom

Once all the files are downloaded, you can replace all of them. I recommend that you Copy and Paste them in and confirm replacing so that you have 2 copies of it.

That is all.

Remember you can use this file list to find where other files that you might need to patch are:

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