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Seriously, they are hobos and moochers. I felt abit guilty that my friends never had money (they were poor and very low middle class) so sometimes I'd pay for them. But (I dunno how it is for Americans) when they invited me somewhere to a movie or something, I expected them to pay for me or for them to tell me that they won't pay for me. In the end, they invited me to a restaurant or movie and I paid for ALL of them because they didn't have money. I was like wtf?! Don't invite me if you don't have money! Anyways, even on my birthdays....I paid for everything...if I wanted to go out with pals to the movies/lunch I had to pay for them, they didn't once think to spoil me abit and pitch in to pay for me. We've had arguements before about money, their excuse was that I was richer than they are...well that was the case until 2 years ago when I became poorer than them. Now I'm slowly regaining money but seriously, they never once paid for me or spoiled me...always expected me to be there for them financially and if I spent $80 on one friend..the other friend gets jealous and wants me to get something that's $130...and then another friend will get jealous and if I get something cheaper like $40 they throw a hissy fit. Ugh, I broke up my 6 year friendship with them and rarely talk to them anymore. Funny thing is, now I'm not in their lives that much and they still consider me as their best friend even if I call them 1-2 times a year. Meh..... I guess the three musketeers live forever.