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Default It won't let me use Eve in Elsword..? (HONG KONG VERSION)

Okay, so I'm playing the Hong Kong version of Elsword. I downloaded it on megaupload, Used WinRar to extract from the rar file of Elsword so I can install it. and after the patch was done, there was no problems so far. I created Aisha first. then the next day I wanted to play as Eve. I thought you had to do missions to get her but since I heard that shes a starter I decided to create another character. when I clicked on Eve's Icon it gave me a message and it had chinese letters that I dont know what it meant. so there was one button and I geuss it meant OK. when I clicked it, nothing happened but it wouldn't let me use Eve as a character. Same thing for Raven.. or whatever his name is ._.;
Please.. help..?