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Originally Posted by Shadow5YA
Maybe during the summer. Right now, PvP's boring to me, and I'm at a standstill in staging because I can't get any WS.
Cold, I can never see a standstill in staging for you. .-. Well one maybe because you always solo your stages. Unlike me I'm a type of person who can't stand staging alone >.> Whenever I rb I would always force Elli or Sky to stage with me. In PvP I know it can get boring with all the ermm.. Below decent players? Also I stinks at myth too okz? I only have like 3k str >.> If you come back you can do the 30x raid with Elli, Melli, Mae and some other person with me! =O Also for myth again I find it stupid people needing str requirements. I out DPSed a 3.5k Ryan in my party that also had 2 Kalis and an Asuka when I had around 2k in M2. >.>

Also I might start playing DFO so halps me. :3