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the fact that most ganks happen and end in 2 seconds in LoL makes you question what part of the game is similar to HoN and DOTA.

In DOTA and HoN, one mistake rarely insta kills you. Even team fights in LoL end in like 3 seconds.

-No Deny.
-Towers auto targets.
-Minion auto targets.
-Jungling effectiveness and purposes.
-Baron/Roshan effects and solobility (ursa can solo roshan at around lvl 7 but no LoL character can solo baron until farmed effectively). -Bushes change ganking styles alot.
-Dota/HoN is more emphasized on stuns, for LoL it's slows.
-Map is MUCH smaller in LoL
-Most pro's choose flash in LoL making every character having a free kelen's dagger of escape (there are exceptions to some heroes in LoL like Shaco)
-In LoL you get free scroll of teleportations to recall and buy things.
-Items like chicken or empty bottles are pretty game changing options in early play games and LoL lacks that. However, LoL provides elixers which makes up for this in another way. FFS YOU CANT EAT TREES IN LOL?!
-No secret shop in LoL
-Item builds are very limited in LoL
-skills that lets you tp to any part of the map is broken. LoL is encouraging backdooring because of this.( Yi, Teemo, TF, Jax, nidalee, pantheon are common backdoorers)

Tell me reasons that Dota/HoN has more similarities than LoL. I will enjoy this. Gameplay is VERY different.

btw, runes do make a BIG difference. A crit dmg bonus set of runes on a shaco player turns a 200 crit into a OMFG-wtf-did-u-just-do-to-me crit.
A hp regen/mp regen set of runes on any viable tank turns it so much harder to kill/harrass.
a set of armor pen runes on any dps carry makes their hits destroy you. Esp early game.
a set of magic pen runes on any mage burst character makes it so much easier to kill. Annie/Fiddle/Ryze gets free kills with flash/ignite at lvl 6 anyways though.
Hp makes a huge difference on most character.
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