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I saw you Skwie. ;l And I'm uh, back from the dead? (Crucial moments of my life, left computer out for most of it) Basically Portfolio making and applying to more colleges. Then work. Then friends. Then S4 30 minute match > Sleep. Then I got bored and started Grand Fantasia with my Girlfriend -> Moved to EU Latale for a bit. Lag killed our characters -> Back to NA Latale.

Trickster Online: Lvl 300 Raccoon Rova(Main), Lvl 17x Buffalo Roxas, Lvl 140 Lion Denzel -Retired-
Lost Saga: RoxasTheHero -Active-
LaTale: Lvl 80 Templar ShirahaYuki, Lvl 63 Warrior HashiraRovas, Lvl 89 Guardian RashihaRova -Active-
Grand Chase: Roxas 40 Striker -Retired-
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EU S4 League: .KagamineRen -Semi-Active-
FFXI: Rethe, Lvl 75 Sam
Grand Fantasia: Luneth Lvl 60 Assassin, Kizuna -Semi-Active-