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Originally Posted by Hector
Too bad this game can never be competitive, considering it's just an EM-DotA.
Excuse me? I played DotA for quite a while and while I agree that LoL is easier than DotA, it's different. The EM mode in DotA was made for who knows what reason, but all it does is benefit heroes that use/need huge amounts of gold. LoL, on the other hand, is completely different from DotA in all but map layout. Champions, items, skills, strategies and layout are among the many different aspects of the game.

If you are an advocate for HoN, all I will say are two words: DotA clone. I see VERY little differences between HoN and DotA compared to the amount of differences between LoL and DotA. The US DotA community is minuscule compared to asian/european DotA communities and when you have two games that are virtually the same in all but name, eventually one will overtake the other.

As for your comment that the game will never be competitive, I find that laughable and that you have not done your homework. There is currently a Twisted Treeline tournament that had just finished registration (Twisted Treeline is a 3v3 map, with its own set of strategies and layout which are drastically different from DotA). The tournament is sponsored by Razor and reached 70 teams in just a few hours. Personally, by the time I got home from school, every slot was already full, which means that there were MANY more people wanting to join, myself included.

Originally Posted by Henreh
You're kind of right. People who spend time and money on this game will have advantages while in HoN it's pure skill. The lack of denies in this game has me dumbfounded. That's probably the only anti-dota close I see in this game. I also don't like the animation it looks too...childish compared to HoN.
There is nothing anyone has over me (and most everyone who plays just a few games each day for a few weeks) in terms of runes/spells/items/whatever other than the different skins for a champion.

After playing LoL, what completely dumbfounds me is the unnecessarily complex item structure in DotA and HoN. I understand that there are limitations on what the WC3 engine can do, but when you make a standalone game and still keep something so idiotic, I can't help but feel that HoN just copy + pasted DotA. What this meant is that even a person who has never played DotA could pick up LoL and easily figure out what items are available without the huge confusion that is DotA's recipe/multiple shop npc system.

As for the thing with denies, I too was hugely turned off at first, but just in the first few games of LoL, I was persuaded. Denies truly prolong the laning experience and allows players to focus more on destroying creeps than each other. In the first 10-15 minutes of most DotA games, both sides are focused on raising CS and with a few ganks here and there. But because you are unable to deny in LoL, one side will undoubtedly start pushing towards the other tower and subsequently makes it much easier for ganks to occur.
As for the graphics, that's preference.