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I could do 4 hits with a lvl 1 FMB at point blank in PF. That's why I consider 4 hit FMB in dmg on ground. At wall it only hits 2 or 3 times, that's why sacred wave wins there. It has the same issue as HS, as in using it closer to the enemy yields more hits.

And about FMB vs Wave, that was my dilemma before my last rb. I chose wave because of range and damage at walls, but FMB would be better if you lack some pushing skills, ie no HS or holy shout (SSSSS is too slow sometimes)

HS stuff:
I see that if you cancel it with another skill you could say it did some damage using 0.2s or so. If you can always spam skills to cancel it (HS → Pieces) I suppose it could do. But as I use it to combo Chain at walls, it only hits twice, that's why I don't see it as useful damage-wise.

Random fact: a 5 hit HS does slightly more damage than a 4 hit FMB, but with less MP and cd.

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