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Just my opinion on the damage skills without considering JOGs:

- Moon piece: I never tried it after the air combo myth patch, but I think their vertical reach is low and only hits 4 times in a combo, unlike the 8+ on ground.
- FMB: best vertical reach, but low damage, considering it will only hit 2 or 3 times at a wall.
- Tears: ok height, good damage. I just don't like it, so I don't have much to say here.
- Chain: good damage on ground, not so good in air as its reach is pretty low and gets only half the hits.
- Fog: good damage, good area, but won't hit in air.
- Wave: second best vertical reach, almost like a FMB going upwards. Will hit 3 times in most cases, doing more than FMB at walls. As of lvl 7, its still dash-cancelable.
- Dodge: this is a pvp/emergency skill, bad reach, low damage.
- HS: very low damage against non-comboable / wall, not much against comboables either, but helps push. Low reach.

Vertical reach:
FMB > Wave > Tears > Pieces / Chain / Dodge / HS > Fog

Damage on ground (single target, all hits):
Chain > Tears / Piece > Fog > HS > FMB > Wave > Dodge

Damage against airborne target at wall:
Tears / Chain > Wave > Piece > FMB > Dodge > HS > Fog

I tested the vertical reach of most skills (not pieces nor dodge) before rbing, so that's the most accurate info up there. The damage values and perception of usefulness are biased by my play style. I prefer Chain instead of Tears, for example.
On another note, I had max HS a long time ago, but I don't see it useful damage-wise outside of a combo. Its more of a utility skill IMO. Also, I have no idea on how will the skills be packed later with the elemental increase passive. That could change the question to which element to choose, instead of individual skills.

If you're not intending to change any of your other skills, I would recommend Chain or Wave.

For the record, I am maxing Chain, Fog and Wave from those listed.

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