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Funny thing is that I didn't take Fog yet, and I took max Sacred wave instead is because fog doesn't do much to air comboable mobs. (Not like it could anyways unless it was a boss or a non-comboable mob) D: The max Sacred wave isn't that bad, the damage is decent compared to Eir's other attacking skills in myth, but I kinda regret picking this over moon fog.

I would generally say no to Full Moon Bullet because it's kinda unreliable in terms of the direction when it comes to pushing mobs, and I heard from few people telling me that dodge should be the last skill to max in attack. Because dodge is fire elemental, eir's wouldn't benefit as much if you maxed specializations that may come to glunia sometime in the future. I have level 1 dodge for cancels and escape tool I guess.

I never really liked chain for some odd reason, so to answer your question on poll, I'd say max sacred wave.

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