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Default Need some attack opinions

Okee dokee, so Far I have most of the (what I think are) good stage Eir attacks maxed: Holy Spirit, Pieces, Fog, Tears, both JoGs. Later on, I'm maxing DMB, but i want to decide on which attack skill to get next on subsequent Rebirths.

My options:

Moonlight Chain: This was originally my next choice, but it requires 11 points (I always have it at 1 for utility) to reach full damage and isn't very useful for air comboing mobs at great heights. Out of the attacks I'm considering, it has the highest total damage, but its useful pretty much only for bosses and big enemies.

Full Moon Bullet: I maxed this earlier and played around with it, and it's not bad. Since it can actually fly upwards at an angle, I can hit mobs at great heights, usually scoring 2-3 hits, and get some nice air combo damage with maxed modifiers. Cooldown is long though...

Dodge: This one is... eh. The only reason I'm considering it is because it has a 15 second cooldown and it's instant cast, but other than that the damage is very little. I'm not sure if the added height would do anything for me in myth other than allow me to travel under enemies to escape mobs (which would be good in CoC).

Sacred Wave: I thought about this one because it takes so few points to max it... I'm considering it because it has very nice height range in comparison to Eir's other skills, and it requires very little time to get it off. It also has slightly more power than Full Moon Bullet while sharing its cooldown.

Opinions pl0x!
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