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Default Old Dusty Volume: How to Solo Bosses

Your party has all left. You're alone and you have to face a 4 person party boss with one man. Tough, isn't it? Well, with a little bit of elbow grease, and a LOT of strategy, it'll be a SNAP to solo and destroy those little bosses with their critters. However, what do bosses do to YOU? What do bosses have that you don't, and how do you overcome this deficit? Any set strategy you should follow? Well, this is where this handy little dusty book comes in play. Take note that this guide is for MELEE classes, as mage and ranger classes have it MUCH EASIER with ranged sniping and just dodging magic circles and ranged attacks.

What IS a boss class monster?
A boss class monster is a monster which cannot be lifted up. In addition, these monsters have incredibly high amounts of HP for their level and they have special abilities that make them tougher than your normal fare. However, not ALL boss monsters are powerful. Take for example, Vagabond. His attacks are fairly simple to dodge and it only takes 10-20 hits to remove him from the equation. Bosses like Night Lord, however, are a tough cookie to crack, needing 20 well-timed combos and a bit of critical elbow grease. So, what attacks can you expect?

Boss Skills
So, this is what you can expect from a boss. Attacks here are what most bosses are capable of in most instances.

Basically, a regular attack, it knocks you down. A dash out of the way should solve the problem, just make sure you dash AWAY and not into. If you get hit, this swing will let him poise for another attack.

Big Swing
This attack is a charged attack, which does more damage. However, this is no different in any other case.

Throw/small magic
A regular ranged attack, dash out of the way. MUCH easier to dodge than a swing because it only goes through one lane.

Before you ask: "What is a lane?" A lane is basically a horizontal area which you can hit a monster in. Most attacks go into one lane only, however, later bosses can target you from columns, and even diagonals in later play.

Be warned, there are some creatures who can fire homing bullets and charges. Look out for Alvida, just an example.

Charged Magic
A more potent ranged attack, they are more dangerous due to the inflicting pains of a possible side effect. Alvida and Hookah can both poison you, as an example of a ranged charge. It takes 1-2 seconds of charging time for this attack, it should be ample time for you to dodge.

Circular Magic
They are VERY dangerous in the sense that they are VERY powerful. However, the catch is that they are left standing for 2/3 seconds. If you're caught in it, however, you may find yourself in a bind. One of the most powerful you will see is Kungka's hurricane, which can hit upwards 800 damage, if you are caught from start to finish. Other circular spells tend to target the person with the LEAST contribution. Easiest way is to get out of the Area of effect and just pummel the boss with your best combo.

Giant Starry is a great example, who summons Starry Lalas and Lolos to do his bidding and defeat you. Just ignore them until they become a hassle.

You can do NOTHING about this. Boss charges up a heal and regenerates a high amount of HP. The only good thing is it wastes time. Lots of time.

For a while, this boss can be hit with NOTHING. The shield fizzles and the boss is open for a good two seconds, so unload the bullets during the end.

Take note that ranged attacks can be outrun.

If there are any I've missed, please elaborate. I will attempt to create a guide for those.

Room Types
Now, this is probably more important than the actual boss skills. There are many room types and probably more than I've encountered. The ones I have, I'm listing.

Big, and Wide
This room is easy to navigate, no major obstacles. Dash attacks are encouraged, and your charge attack may do some good. Also, this will give you a breather if you need it.

Long, and Thin
This room is laterally enhanced, but vertically challenged. You may find it difficult to dodge bullets and slashes, so do keep your distance until the boss does something to open an attack window.

Very annoying staircase
Night Lord comes to mind when I talk about this; you have to jump up the platforms onto the boss platform. However, this proves to be useful as you can dodge some of his attacks VERY EASILY at the top platform. Spacious, if not time consuming, which may affect score.

Spawn also plays a HUGE factor, ESPECIALLY if they are ranged. This is an in-depth look at spawn and how it can ruin your bid for solo perfection.

All Melee monsters
Be warned, if you get too many on you, a stun lock is imminent and you WILL die. Get rid of anything or make them fall. Remember, you have a Charge attack which knocks down monsters.

Melee/Ranged Mix
Ranged monsters go down first. I don't care what you do, they go down first. Then it becomes a melee mash, just do what you do best.

"Razor Crabs"
Damn, I hate these guys. They act as boss monsters in the sense that you can't knock them down. You HAVE to keep distance and use distance skills or kill them in one or two shots. They ARE melee class.

Oh, god. If the monsters respawn, you're going to be in for a hard time. You are going to have to kill the monsters and lure the boss outside the range. That, or you'll have to kill the monsters while going for the boss. Better have your AoE/stun skills on.

Note Stumblebum, and other stun skills work on the monsters inside. Just not the boss. Use at your own discretion.

Armoured monsters
Knock them down. They can be lifted, but they'll go maybe an inch before they fall down again, so there's no time for whatever aerial you have planned.

Some bosses in missions spawn without minibosses. Night Lord and Vagabond come to mind. These guys are liftable, but more durable. Treat as a normal monster or ignore, it is up to you.

You stand at the top of the leaderboard, wind blowing on your cape. You have accomplished destroying a boss without being scratched. Until next time, Centricity the Eccentric bids you adieu.
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