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Default Rejuvenation Potion and Recent Updates

So basically, I have enough points to spare from rebirths to get 10/10 for HP pot (rejuv. pot). I am currently using it with +2 dye on my hand cs, giving me 12/10.

This pot heals roughly 3.2-3.3k for me at the moment with about 420% healing bonus or w/e in myth
(this can be even greater cuz my myth gear sucks balls (like 3.8k str, 1.6k vit, 1.1k int??, don't remember)

i can't get on right now so these are rough estimates:

cd is around 35 seconds, mp is around 220, costs 4 mountain ginseng
cd is good, you can stack heal your teammates

mp is good for the heal amount in myth, plus guild pots are available
reagants are cheap to obtain

what do you guys think about it? worth the points if you can spare them?
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