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Originally Posted by NegaRutabaga
Ugh Death MGs...

I'll tell you why it seems like there's so few new meisters right now.

Going from lv80-110 with nothing but that lame ass yellow butler robot, that's why. Putting up with that piece of crap for the first 30 (<---lolwtf) levels of meister would make a lot of people throw away the class. Oh hahaha wait, I mean HAS MADE a lot of people throw it away. Engineer is an awesome class, and it makes you think " wow meister must be even better! "

Not for the first 30 levels, it isn't...

Finally getting that toaster robot is a blessing omg! It's not fantastic, but at least it's something different! New meisters hear angels sing when they hit 107/110....cause that's when they're finally free of that pathetic bowtie-wearing yellow piece of junk they have to start with. During 2x exp, I've grinded with so many lv100+ meisters and they all generally say the same damn thing. " Man I hope I hit 107+ this weekend cause I'm sick of this yellow robot ".

And why do new meisters have to endure this torture...?

Because OGP keeps scratching their ass when it comes to giving us craftable Death MGs. Like half of our meisters chose the class because they once caught a glimpse of a sexy Death/Toaster/Knight MG in town. Not that stupid yellow beginner robot....which fresh meisters are stuck with right now.

Because (you guessed it) there's no craftable Death MGs...
You can actually get Goliath MG at level 105 (Which is what I did) If you delevel it 3 times to 107 then de-level it 2 times to 105. I actually like the looks of the Yellow MG it's just that it sucks so much because it lacks back coverage and is far to easy to die with it if something manages to attack you from behind while you are in Mid Combo. Since you can't change direction or stop the combo attack you lose a TON of health. Every other MG has an attack that can hit behind it which saves a ton of Health.

I doubt they'd actually make that MG that won the weapon contest. MGs are probably the most complicated things to sprite and animate which is probably why there few MGs that exist.