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I'm getting an unhandled exception when I put FDS to lvl 11+
*to lazy to take a pic and upload it*
--> Just go on sieg, lvl fds up to 11 and you'll see it...

Also, when you click on the drop down box to select a new character, if you select the same character that you were just on, it won't go back.
--> So just go on sieg, put lvl 80, put some skil points, click on dropdown (it'll bring you back to home screen) and click seig again, it wont go back on him.

Another bug, if you select a new character, and then go back to your original character (ie sieg, eir, sieg), the level/remaining sps do not reset, but all the skills are put to 0. You should have the lvl go back to 1 and the remaining sps go back to 1 aswell.
-->So go on sieg, put lvl 80, put some skill points, click on dropdown, go to eir, click dropdown again, got to sieg, see the problem.

Yes, i used to work as QA, so I feel obliged to put steps to reproduce the problem :P.

Edit: Also, imo, go with the most lagless layout you can think of. Who cares if it looks *better* this way, its laggier. And this doesn't have to look good, its a tool to plan out your build. If it does exactly that, who the **** cares what it looks like as long as it works (without lag)?

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