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Are you certain you're not looking at GP or SP. EXP? I've got some screens of some games I won on Sieg only a month or so ago, getting 40k EXP with no QJ as a 34. Exp is under GP, for some reason, so I can see how you'd make the mistake at a glance. There's honestly no reason you should be getting only 7k with a QJ at 44. It should be more like 100-120k.

Found another screen I took earlier with me using my Lass. He got 30,240 for a loss at 46. The winner, a lire, got 140,400 at 45, and her teammate (People DCed so I got 2v1ed) was a 35 arme and got 43,200.

In that later screen, the lire got around 8k Sp. Exp. That would be in line with what you're saying.

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