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He doesn't? Could have sworn he required 20.

I dunno what's wrong with it Ellirae. Perhaps they lowered the exp. Though I think if they did, I'd have heard a ton of uproar about it. I was getting more than 7k for a win when I was leveling Elesis from 25-30. My chars in the low 40s get like 100k for a win.

The expectation is you have friends to PvP with by the time you're in the high 40s, and can just PvP all day with them in survival or even team games for quick matches, fun, and exp. There's no rule against PvPing with friends so long as you're not swapping it.

The reason PvP is the good way to level is, the exp you get goes up every single level. Somebody at 70 is still going to get like 400k for a BfB, or 600-800k for a Maw run. However by that level they may get (I have no idea obviously, but I can guess) 500k per PvP win.