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Originally Posted by StrykerX
it seems illogical to mount beamsabres in an X shape, tho solid blades and anti-ship swords would look better
To counter your argument, STN-J's Chains contain X/+-Shaped beam blades, but that's simply because of the shape of the chain heads.

_ and | being the slots for example for the beam blades slots (which cover the tip of the head). Indeed unless you're a Crossbone Unit, a Cross-shaped beam blade seems illogical, but depending what you're trying to do to a unit, mileage of a Cross-Shaped blade may vary. The STN-J uses them to cut open the armor of an enemy suit to allow the diamond access to the unit's interior to reap Heat-Chainy Havoc.

Casually yeah, you're right, but there are uses for the stuff that provide low energy output but high utility.

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