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Originally Posted by Eliirae
Weird how everyone tells me PVP exp is so amazing, when I only get 7.5k for a win on a level 44, where I need about...12million, 20 million? Exp to level up. That would take me days of straight PVPing just to level once.

Unless like zamte says PVP experience skyrockets at 47+..

But the way I currently see it for exp is: I can either PVP for a minute and get 7-14k exp, or dungeon for 5-10minutes and get 500k-2million exp...

That, and I'm sure you're all familiar with my rants on grabbing, and my inability to grab at all in anything other than practice mode, which means never going to be any good, or no hope at winning.

But hey, I don't have some type of personal vendetta against PVP, it's just that currently, it's no fun for me, because I'm never going to be any good at it.
Pvp is crap for exp end of story there is no way your going to be getting matches every minute and them lasting 1 minute it takes me anywhere from 1-30mins to get 1 pvp match using an elesis if your a lire or arme just literally give up. 3-5 min runs in maw 1mil exp or 200k exp for i guess 10mins in pvp you choose
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