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Aside from obviously having to PvP for missions, it is good exp, you're just a bit low yet. Most people start PvPing for exp around 47-50, when the missions end. Right now I can get 150k for a minute or two in a PvP match, or I can get 500k for a 10 minute BfB run. In the end, the PvP is more fun, and nets me more exp. The gp pretty much always sucks though.

If you want to just dungeon, go for it. It won't entirely ruin the game for you, though you'll be having a heck of a time leveling once you hit about 50. I believe Kowiz leveled all his chars to 65 before predominately off of dungeoning.

Originally Posted by Chromeheart
That, and you'll be stuck with only 2 jobs for each of your characters if you vow not to PvP at all. So less variety.

...Wait, that's what you were talking about, right, Kaiinel?
That and you'll be unable to get Ryan, Sieghart, or Jin.