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This seems like fun.. Can I join in?

Name: Reno Whitecross
Age: 18
Eyes: Deep Blue
Hair: Jet Black

Background Information

The son of a famous war Hero, he was trained by his father to be a gundam pilot. At the age of 14 he joined the army, with his father's recommendation. His skills obtained from his father allowed him to rise in ranks, and by 16 he was promoted to a lieutenant. However, due to a freak accident in a military training routine, his father was killed. Devastated, Reno resigned from the army and became a freelance vigilante, often appearing in the midst of battles, and wiping out both sides.

Battle Related Stuff

Reno fights in a style unlike any other. His style consists of erratic and seemingly random movements, making him very difficult to hit with ranged weaponry. However, there is a pattern to his movement that can only be deciphered by the smartest of pilots. Reno favours melee fighting over the use of ranged weaponry, as his father taught him.

Reno uses a customized Red-Black RX-78 Gundam. It is customized to have added maneuverability, speed and agility, at the loss of defense.

Fixed weaponry
2 'BLADE' Beamsabres, mounted in an X on the mobile suit's back.
2 'FLAME' Laser beam guns fixed into the unit's hands.

Optional Armaments
1 'GAWAIN' Anti-ship Sword
1 Beam Sub Machine Gun [Think Kyrios]

The RX-78 Gundam contains the GN Drive system.

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