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Your story is becoming interesting now, chapter 1 was kinda meh to me, but starting from chapter 2, it looks really good now ^^

So I hope I'm not too late to hop into your story?

Name: Nivek Rusher
Nickname: Badass new-type newbie
Age: 20
Birth date: March 11th, U.C. 108
Race: Asian

Personal description:
He born as a common boy, lived as a common boy, until he decided to join the federation army. Having to live a normal and boring life, he is eager to find thing that have a taste of his interest, however, he is a kind of guy who could suddenly went 100% focus on one thing, but just in a short period of time, he would lose interest and moved on to something else - which he does the same to people around him, despite that he's not hated or never had any friend, he would always eventually lose contact with his friend and not bothering to call them unless they call first.

A little bothered on how he treats his people around him, he decided to find someone who he will really care, never stop to care, by joining the army; rather than saying he's not desired in fighting, it's more like he's of not having any interest about it, he's just simply using the army, the fighting, the war to help himself in achieving his goal. (That being said, he's not a cold-heart bastard who enjoy war or the killing, he too has his own standard on how a person's life should be taken)

Situation in the army:
After joining the army, he was placed in a squad that happens to need a newbie, where he received a RGM-89 Jegan but anyone else was piloting a newer version unit - RGM-109 Heavyarm. Nevertheless he loves and takes care of his Jegan very well, even went to spend his own money to paint the whole thing, which caused some of his teammate to joke about him taking Jegan as a toy or even his bride, sometimes he also wonders funnily if this suit is "the one he really care".

In other's eye, he's an easy-going friendly newbie, but not exactly a popular guy too as they feel he sometimes distance himself unconsciously...anyhow in conclusion, he's just another normal guy in the squad that no one really hate.

Battle ability & habit:
Nivek is a person who likes to shoot more than go melee on someone, that being said, his aim is often terrible, so bad that his teammate will joke about it all day whenever they see him in action. However, on rare occasion, his aiming ability will skyrocket to the level of a experienced new-type pilot, making him deadly to about 95% of the shots will all hit the mark precisely, and that if he ever pulled the beam saber out, it always means that the enemy will definitely be damaged by it...but this often only lasts for a short period of time; about this, he often jokes and brags to the other that maybe it's because he's a new-type, of course, everyone took it as a joke including himself, only his commander believes it just might be the truth, but it's still unconfirmed.

Suit in hand:
RGM-89 Jegan

Fixed armaments:
- Beam saber
- 3-slot hand grenade rack (on left hip)

Optional armaments:
- Vulcan gun pod (mounted on head)
- Shield, with small missile launcher mounted on it

Optional hand armaments:
- Beam rifle
- Bazooka

Sorry if my character description was too long, but I just wanted to describe him to you as clearly as I can...about his mobile suit, he will forever stick to his Jegan, even if it means rebuilding it from a pieces of scraps that's from the original. Also some of the armaments I listed about is not shown in SDGO's Jegan, but you can easily find suit that have the same/similar weapon, so I don't think that will be a problem?

He's really a new-type, but a very unstable one, how you wanna write him is then up to you, I could care less if he stayed unstable like I described forever, or become a hax new-type like Kamille...if you want that is :P

Also I said that anyone else in his squad was piloting a RGM-109 Heavyarm, if you have trouble with that unit as it is not released in SDGO, just replace it with some other high class or advance unit that out-level the Jegan that's been serving for more than 30 years.

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