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Default To the ends of the earth (OOC thread)

I said I'd be making a new RP, and though it took me a while (still have shitty internets) I'm gonna try to get this running.



The world has ended. Though 2012 marks the end of civilization as we know it, the Earth, as a physical piece of rock, still exists. The thing is, all progression and technology has died, except for that which already existed. Global climate change, nuclear war and disease have wiped out 96% of the world's population, and where people left, animals took over, ingesting the radioactive fallout and growing large and feral. Since humans are the weaker, inferior species, natural selection is attempting to eradicate them once and for all, forcing them to cluster together in small, well fortified settlements, or be left to the wild.

70 years later, the only humans left from the old world were the children of the children that survived, transforming this new earth into another planet entirely. with the average lifespan reduced to 40, can the new elders lead their descendants into a new age, helping humans to reclaim the throne they once had?

Desert town, New Quartz
In the ruins of an town in what was New Mexico, where the sun is hot and the food and water are scarce. Population of 20.

There is very little left of technology that had once boomed. Electricity is all but dead, save for some human powered generators, as well as some ghetto rigged solar energy. Petroleum has been dried and gone for decades, and all vehicles are human powered (bikes, recumbent bicycles, skates, etc).

With a complete lack of a postal service, some people will ask others to deliver items to other towns, with the promise of food, water, and other necessities, now that money no longer has value. Sometimes, shiny stones and gems are still traded, but they are considered to be a frivolous luxury and are generally worthless other than as good luck charms, with the exception of certain useful stones, such as flint, lodes (magnets) and diamonds for cutting and sharpening. Good metal is often used for bartering as it can be reforged into weapons and tools.

With the remains of radioactivity come changes in weather. In deserts, sandstorms are more frequent and rain a rarity. But most dangerous of all is the fog.

Occasionally, at night, a deep, dense fog will cover the land, one filled with toxins and chemicals that would kill most any creature. Gas masks make it possible to traverse areas, but buildings and hideouts that are not sealed properly will provide no safety on nights when the fog rolls in.

Acid rain:
On occasion, especially around the remains of big cities, acid rain will fall, in an attempt by the sky to cleanse itself of humanity's residual filth. This rain wears down the old buildings, and has caused much of the decay. Though concrete structures should keep you safe from the downpour, the water blown in by wind can be dangerous. Often followed by fog.

Hail storms happen more often than before, though they are no different from the normal hail of today, although often the size is bigger.

Weaponry available:

Makeshift weapons:

This includes pipes, gardening implements (shovels, picks, hoes, rakes, handles of said implements, etc) baseball bats, heavy sticks and so forth.

Melee weapons:
Knives, daggers, survival knives, and such are allowed.

Ranged weapons:
Throwing weapons (knives, tomahawks, etc) are allowed. Bow and arrow are, as well as compound bows. Crossbows are iffy (may allow them dependign on backstory).

For the most part, the only people with ready access to firearms would be in the south (rednecks, especially Texas, love their guns). Though they are still widely available, ammo is scarce. Limited to hunting rifles (buckshot and slugs) and small pistols (9mm). Please note your character's ammo supply in their profile.

Character profile info:

Really can be whatever you want it to be. Just remember that the majority of people left were young, and so names might be a little different than the current norm, common names like John, Sarah, Michael, etc are always gonna be around, and certain colors, plants, etc, will still be used.)
Age: between 10 and 40

Where are they from and why are they here?

Resident or Wanderer: (choose to have lived and grown up in the town, or to be a wanderer in search of greener pastures, food, knowledge, etc.)

: What do they look like and what do they wear?

Registered characters:

Free control of NPCs within certain perameters (for example, don't make them go against their personality, don't make them sway the RP in your favor etc etc.)

I'll be getting this up in a week or so, people are welcome to join at any time, at most 2 characters per person please. You know the drill, post here to register.



Weapons, setting info and weather.

Added NPCs
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