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The debuff fields are great for bossing if you use them properly. With my wind/earth sheep I find if I use rust - whirlwind - gnome's domain, then spam winblade - raging storm - razor gale with sylph's blessing active, tenter and the count die so fast they rarely get to use banish. I imagine raion's space + electroshock + scorching earth on fire/electric sheep would work just as well. Odinea's impelling rage is a big problem though. But if you get a guardian to skunk them then even that isn't a problem.

That said, pure sheep can't get SoH for defence (which is fine by me, I think it's one of the cheapest skills out there...), and their 3rd job attack spells aren't up to much. What would be good is if they made skills combining 2 elements together, like a sandstorm for wind/earth, maelstrom for wind/water, tempest for water/elec, volcano for earth/fire and...something for fire/elec.

If all the 3rd classes get new skills it might actually promote different skill trees a bit more rather than trying to get everything good like a lot of people seem to do now. It would also help if some of the existing skills were made more useable (e.g. butt plate, bottulism cloud, summon card soldier).

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