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Default Burning Steel and Blood - OOC Thread

In the beginning, there were two domains- Utgard and Asgard.

Utgard was the land of the demons, who were once denizens of Asgard but were banished aeons ago.

Asgard is the domain of the gods and angels who serve them.

The two lands didn't interfere with eachother and there was peace... Untill the demons attacked. They overran Asgard and sent the denizens into panic. The gods, out of desperation, sacrificed themselves to create beings forbidden to tread this world unless during dire times.

The grim angels.

Black feathers blanketed the ground as these black-winged reapers entered the battle, their diviners striking fear into the enemies who tread before them. The sky turned dark and soon the air smelled of only two things:

The scent of burning metal and blood.
Newcomers, feel free to pop in at any time in the actual RP. Its up to you to catch up to where we are, though.

For this RP, you may want a bit of a brief knowledge on the Riviera; The Promised Land universe. Thankfully, wikipedia is your friend! Riviera: The Promised Land - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Oh yes, forgot to mention. This happens BEFORE the game's events. To be more precise, during Ragnarok.

The war is taking place mainly in Asgard, but some battles are fought in Utgard too.

Oh yes, the races in this RP fall in three categories: Demons, Sprites, and Angels.

The sprites are sort of like humans and generally friendly magical beings. They're similar to demons, but tend to stay neutral and wish to stay out of the affairs of the demons and gods. A large amount of them are enslaved by demons during the events of this RP.

The demons are pretty much teh guys trolling everyone here. They enslave sprites, pillage places, and troll gods. They tend to be more blood thirsty then sprites (but are quite similar to them appearance wise.. for the most part).

The Grim Angels are the guys counter trolling the demons, but they don't really like sprites all that much and most consider them to be no different then demons... They follow the wishes of the Gods.
There are also normal angels too, they're just kinda like... civilians pretty much.

here's some links which can help you out on the specifics:
Lacrima Castle shows the demon races and well bosses but we dont care about the bosses
Lacrima Castle character portraits of pretty much everyone.
Sprites can look just like humans, elves, or all teh crazy things starting at the old man's portrait to when the greyscale ones start.

There is no real limit too how many people can join in asides from what you would think is too many common sense wise.

Also, for this RP feel free to go into some romantic relationship if it's okayed with someone else. I don't really care if its hetero or homo.

You can also just reuse your old characters too, just somehow incorperate them into the RP's world (reincarnation, universe hopping, conveniently there...). Just be creative o/

for now, lets just kinda discuss who's gonna join and such I guess

The List o' People Hanging Out in Dis RP!
Dani - Akaiito Kagamiya & Kanaete Kagamiya | character reference sketch of Kai
PedroRomero - Grandison Yuuki & /forum/character-inf...oto-yuuki.html
RoflKnife - Leht Therthar
Noperative - Evis Cross
Mirei - Amé Caelestis


NPC List
More will be added in time

Hidden Village of the Sprites ~ Kyoai


The City Built on Water and Knowledge, Teyth


Little Cottage in the Forest of Magic


The Demon Capital ~ Chokma


The Grand Demon Whaleship

Asgard - The Continent of the Gods

You guys are free to create more villager npcs as you see fit.

Anyways NPC rules:

-ANYONE can control them (to the exception of a few)
-Don't just randomly kill them off, thats not cool. Give us a bit of warning in the OOC thread
-Try to stay in character

and RP rules:
-Don't control someone else's character without permission
-Don't randomly kill them off. Discuss here about it
-and pretty much anything thats common sense to do and not do when in an RP

ggFTW RulesggFTW Eventscomedy.mp4
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