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well since you said so, UPDATE!!

Mobile Suit:
Predator Gundam (i suck at naming robots T.T, change this if you want)

Basically a deathscythe hell with modified weapons and color scheme

Fixed armaments:
2 x 60mm vulcan gun, fire-linked, 600 rounds per gun, mounted in head
2x BSX-007 'REAPER' Large Beam Saber ,stored on recharge racks on hips, hand-carried in use(think epyon sabers)

Optional fixed armaments:
2x MSX-014 'HYDRA' Multi-Missile System (Missile splits into 4 seperate warheads after launch), mounted on legs (like Ginn's pardus rockets)
2x EDC-966 Beam Shield

Optional hand armaments:
2x RMGX-552 Beam machine gun, stored on hips, hand-carried in use
2x Armor-Scheider Combat Knives, stored in hips, hand-carried in use

Design features:
Active cloak beam deflection barrier, can be jettisoned to cut weight and increase maneuverability)
Phase Shift Armor
Over-boost system, diverts power from phase shift armor and recharge racks to thrusters, thus greatly increasing thruster power, but limits the usage of beam weapons due to the inability to recharge.
Self destruct system

And yes i made up most of the weapons

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