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Okay, I'll open my secret to you all.

My real IGN, Shrogane but, due to many circumstances. I never used it. not even once.

But, My second IGN, I'm sure MMOG clan member have heard it.

My IGN is Hoppa. But, after I created Freedom there. and played with you guys for a while, My cousin want to use it, he was the one that used Hoppa after it joined your clan. So I don't know what he doing there till he tell me he doesn't ever play there anymore and have been removed from clan for a while now.

Thus, while my cousin plays with my Hoppa, I created my third and fourth ID, Kurogan3 and Gunexass. I played the later all of this time. while the former have the same fate as the first ID I've created, certain circumstances.

I am a good friend of Dekaran (He was in leave for study for now, I don't think he will be able to play for a while).

So, pleased to meet again. since I gonna be around as Hoppa again from here on. And I hope we can get along well like the old times.

1. I'll include Dekaran in my story because I owed him so much for introducing SDGO for me
2. Err, its hard for me to say this, but Stealth system on MS all of you'd want to be, err, I don't think its a good Idea to include that system in almost every MS that the major character use. So, I have to, err, change that, to other ability or system that make you appear more manly, more deadly and more skilled.