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Character Info
Name: Katoma Seiraryu Mundara
Age: 20 odd
Ethnicity: White, American
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Sea Blue
Story: A man who participated in many battles, his past beyond that is generally unknown. After a set amount of time he came to find an underground Mobile Suit Battling Association, forming a Guild of his own. On the official front he owns a junkyard where spare parts from destroyed Mobile Weapons end up. All of his suits are customized with small tweaks and pieces he feels are good to cover a suit's weaknesses, and contains one suit that's an amalgration of multiple suit's parts. His nickname in the underground ring which is more harsh than normal combatis "The Silver Star".
Skills: Mid class newtype. Expert Mobile suit mechanic (can customize almost any mobile suit out of it's normal setups. Mostly Customizes all his suits to use a special Escape Cockpit (similar to the Sazabi's) with extra emphasis on escape and survival.

Mobile Suits: Contains a small collection rebuilt from debris, his only official suits he actually uses are a Re-GZ and an Enhanced ZZ (with optional FAZZ armaments). His main suit is a purely custom, the STN-J.

Mobile Suits
Special Traits: with the Psycommu System installed in it and the BWS pack and a few small tweaks, the BWS pack can be utilized after exit transformation (much like how it could be reinstalled after returning to ship) and attack independantly. Escape Cockpit.

Similar to the Re-GZ, Katoma takes full advantage of the Pre-installed Biosensor to use the FAZZ module as a Pseudo-Funnel System, although lacking the defense system. The ZZ Core Booster is given an upgrade to the escape module.

STN-J KAI (Short for Special Ninja Type, Jamming-equipped)
-Info: STN-J (or just STNJ) is a customized Mecha Katoma built on his own using purely spare parts from other mecha, customizing them in every way he could (this is most evident in the Sazabi Shield). The suit's capable of all 3 ranges of combat easily, but lacks any true advantages bar close-mid through use of Katoma's custom weapon, the heat chains. It's specialty is speed, seeing as some areas of armor are distinctively weaker due to using purely spare parts.
--Propulsion: Contains 4x Verniers (backpack lodged), and apogee motors on various parts of the body to allow for fast melee and maneuvering.
--System: Runs a Psycommu System (Katoma lacked access to spare a Biosensor or Psycoframe as those are often recovered before he can reach one)
--Coloring Scheme: Black heavy armor with gray Moveable Frame.
--Armoring: Is made of a mixture of Gundarium and other materials to produce an Anti-Lockon and anti-radar effect. This took Katoma roughly 5 years to discover and millions of dollars he made through his victories in the underground battling.
--Designed from: Sazabi (Shield + Beam Tomahawk), WZ (Anime) (One barrel and energy reactor in Shield), hyaku Shiki (Head), EZZ (Hyper Beam Saber), Re-GZ (Beam Saber), Zaku types (Heat hawk technology used in Chains), Nu Gundam (Arms, although the right one is far more customized due to it was in far worse shape), customized legs made from GP01 and redesigned slightly, Body is belonging to a Zaku 3.

Weapons Systems:
1x HBSaber
1x Beam Saber
2x Machine Cannon Turrets (Pivotable Self-Aiming Machine Cannons lodged under the shoulder plates which have been customized to also hold the Beam Sabers for quick access)
2x Vulcans, head based, fire linked
1x Beam Tomahawk
1x Buster Rifle (Shield Based, limited to 2 shots due to inferior power source, located on underside)

8x "STN-J" Chain Whips

Note: The STN-J Chain whips are chains that are stored in the arms of STN-J. The whips are made using Heat-hawk technology. The heads are embedded with Funnel System psycommus, allowing a newtype pilot to utilize them with his thoughts (these are Katoma's main weapon of choice). The Chain heads also contain 4x X-shaped (or + shaped) Beam blades that extend and cover the tips of the diamond-shaped heads to enhance cutting power (these cannot run long so are only activated when they cannot normally pierce enemy armor, or after passing through an I-field). Each whip comes out of one side of the lower arm and usually two are held by STN-J when not holding a weapon.

-note: Due to his influence, he is capable of making new weapons and systems for STN-J as needed and new "merged weapons" (ala the Sazabi shield with Buster Rifle add-on).

Sorry about that, this is an Old Original Character and his Old Original Mech from an RP called "Gundam WarZone". The chains are pretty quintessential to the design.

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