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yay, fanfic, long time without reading one. hmmm hmmm

i did like it, its a nice way to justified the system of the game xD

and know, the "o plz at me in" moment:

name:Albert Cross
Nick: Cruzader (why? nobody knows)
age: 24 years old

he is a mechanic and mecha enthusiasm, how loves to spend his time customizing units and trying to add things to the ms, he doesn't really belong to a group or mercenary clan, he kind of acts as a free lancer, participating mainly to test his new modifications on what ever ms he is currently using, with makes hims a rather "unstable" companion, sometimes his models are a force to deal with, other times, they malfunction 10 sec after the fight starts, and some times they are just plain dangerous to any one in a 5 miles radius, actually, he was recently ban form competition do to a incident involving a meteor system, and acguy, a zero system, and a badly build minovsky fusion reactor... no one die that day thanks to some weir miracle.

any way, he is a friendly to talk person, and if he sees good on you, he will even repair and adjust your ms free of any charge, he likes people who like their ms and treat them with respect.
he sometimes forget he is not talking to mechanics but pilots, and will start talking about mechanical parts and radio active supercores.

his current ms is a ultra custom I.W.S.P. dagger (is a strike rogue, but he couldn't find the face), build from scrap parts of broken ms.

i hope you keep writhing ;D