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Update! Orion Logo design contest.

Since my laptop is still being a huge D-bag, I was wondering for some good clean clan competition if anyone wants to design an new logo for the clan. Since the computer im using now pretty much sucks at everything I cant really come up with any cool designs and stuff so lets have you guys do it.

I want an original design from participants. both large scale as in the heading on the original post in this topic and a small clan logo.

The large scale must include the words "Orion Crew" in it and must also include the custom logo/mark/sign that you design.

The only limit on the small banner is the logo. It must have some partnership with the large scale as in the both must go together in a set.

You prize is AP I'll buy you AP if you do a good job. 14k AP to be exact. so if your intrested let me know with a post here deadline for signups is the end of the week on Saturday March 13th. Deadline for submissions will be on Sunday March 21st.


If you dont want AP i'll buy you Cashshop stuff from any other game you play. just as long as its not over $30 USD I aint that rich


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