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Ok, because I get many bright idea of character and customized unit. I'll try to make sure everyone can appear in my works later. Maybe not all at once, but I'll promise that I'll give you all a enough spotlight.

Ooh, And about the specialty of unit all of you want to have. I'll try to include that. Though, Sorry about this, but Mirrage Colloid or some Cloaking feature feels kinda cheap (especially if they were equipped by freedom and F91 that'll be nightmare, heheheh ) But, worry not, I'll think another abilities to make up for that.

My #2 work still in progress now. I'll update it later soon after it finished.

Thanks for all your suggestion. I already have organized all of your character info. And already use some of them.

Special notice: DarkMerc, I will certainly use your Z II and Refrain, since it was the nice original idea. But, do you have any MS that are in SDGO for starter unit that your character will first appear to? I'll intend to use your ZII and Refrain a bit later as the story progress. So tell me if you want to use any other unit.

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