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Default Shiro's Little Storytelling

I love Gundam and Loved Sdgo because there is Gundams in it.

And I have spare time as well. So I decided to write a little fanfics base on SDGO.

Here some summary of it:

SDGO fanfics trailer - The Baptism by Death ~ The Vow – Teaser

One of many who fighting in the middle of game of life…

“Shirogane Touya, launching in Destiny – Shirogane Custom….”

Fight with the dreadful enemies…

“Kyou..” I call my best buddy who was beside me with my radio “What kind of Units are our enemies using??”

“One Wing Gundam 0 Custom, A Nu Gundam, A Sword Impulse and FAZZ” he replied.

“This won’t gonna be easy fight”

“What do you expect from Pro-fight?”

“You right, Okay lets go!”

With the chaos of world, being calmed by the game, risking life to win.

…Gundam Battle, the most “peaceful” solution for maintaining the order of the chaotic world. In AC. 3001 human race already migrated to the Colony. The nature of human caused the war to break out. After a long and tiring war, One person, giving the idea to the U.N, that was to make the event where The Earth federation and Colony Federation can battle in peaceful using a robot which idea came from the Japan animation from the ancient era, Mobile Suit Gundam…

The breath-taking battle…

….But, one of the missile still after me, I pulled up my shield as fast as I can, and the missile hit my shield hard, enough to make my Unit loses balance. “Lookout, it’s a Fazz!! From behind the wreckage at One O’clock!!” I shouted to all my friend, trying to warn them. ‘I’ll pay them back, In double!!” said my buddy as he shot his Tallgeese rifle into the enemies….

…as my radar bleeped, telling me I was locked on by Wing Zero. My feet reacted to take me away from there, but, I know it already too late…

The beginning of destiny…

…At last, I’ve found my reason to fight….

and here the mentioned fanfics. Sorry about bad and short storyline.
The Baptism by Death ~ The Vow.doc

I am waiting for your response. Maybe I'll make another one if all of you give a positive response

Oh, if anyone want to be included in my fanfics feel free to tell me your nickname and short description of your pilot character (like your suit you want to be in, or your faction).

PS: the suit that can be included in story is the suits that already rolled and/or in use in TW server. because I can't write story if I haven't seen the suit in action.

Sincerely, Shirogane...


And Here Some bonus:

And Now, Special Thanks Section for everyone appeared in my fics so far

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