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Originally Posted by kale15
soki's trial - enjoy!

Zone 1
Drill up red or blue bones and then follow the riddles to the end of the maze.

This is the order of the riddles.

Zone 2
1. kill 3 incenses pigs in 2 minutes
2. Drill up a old sign
3. synthesize with nadia one incense and old sign(20% base rate) to make a rock sign and give it to nadia to move on

Zone 3
a series of 3 different monster quests all 3 monsters in 2 mintues, after completing the third you move to zone 4

Zone 4
1. Drill up 3 parts of a cat doll.
2. kill the monster in the cage for an item and give it to tango, then move to soki's room.

The longest part is collecting the bones, spent a night auto drilling them and now it takes me like 3 mins to do the whole trial.

YEY !!!!! MORE DRILLING -sarcasm-

Thanks for bringing new info again =o
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