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Originally Posted by DarkManticore
What you say is very valid but also as a gunner iciclers and yetis has a high spawn rate as well and its nothing to OHKO them I have done this with a Fire/Earth, Wind/Earth sheep and two gunners ones and scientist and the other is a Cyber Hunter and altho the formula and logic is essentially correct I always recommend to go for the TM more than the Exp because in todays day of myhax lvling to add stats means nothing so i rather have my skills faster than my peers. That I why i recommend Icys and Yetis over Santas.
This is the first i've heard of this type of logic and to me it makes great sense for myshop users to focus on TM. You can easily have stats wayyyyyy beyond your level with myhax gear and then the only thing left behind is the higher levels skills...

thanks for pointing this out

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