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Default Guide for AOE staff

I know many people look for guides and walkthought for exactly what to do so they won't mess up their account. Well look no further, this is a build that I have created and it shows the slow change and development of your party.

The aoe formation have been proven to be lethal almost anywhere (pve and pvp).

It is not exactly what you have to do but it is a good guide for many new players that spend hours online looking for an AOE formation but have no idea how some people get their mercs.

lv 3
spear - spear
- - -
main - bow

lv 10
spear - spear
main - bow
- - shaman

lv 20

spear - main
bow - shaman
viking - monk

lv 30

spear main viking(old)
- bow -
shaman- monk - viking(new)


spear main viking(old)
viking(new) - bow
bt - monk - shaman


spear main viking (old)
viking(new) witch bow
bt monk shaman

Viking(new) staff Viking(old)
bt witch bow
shaman exo monk

Viking(new) staff Viking (old)
bt witch bow
oracle exo monk

Viking(old) Bt Staff
Inventor witch viking(new)
Exo oracle Monk

Bt Staff VIk
Inventor Witch Cannoneer
Monk exo oracle

Bt Staff Exo
Inventor Witch Cannoneer
oracle Spartan Monk

Bt Staff Spartan
Inventor Witch cannoneer
Monk Exo oracle