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Originally Posted by Lemoninity
Santa bears are the best exp in the sf3 map for gunners.

Explaination worth 10 mins of my life:

The Santa Bear vs Yeti vs Icicler tm exp myth is just nonsense. TM exp is caculated by multiplying the monster's level against some calculation number and given a bonus depending on how much higher the monster's level is to yours. Any extra levels past 35 don't add to that bonus. Sure santa bears have lower level so they give less tm, but they are much easier to 1 hit and they have a better spawn rate. They take about 1.5+ times the damage a yeti would. Their high HP makes levelling at santas godly for regular exp which is based on damage done and only makes tm exp gain look small in comparison. Yeti vs Icicler uses the same logic.

What you say is very valid but also as a gunner iciclers and yetis has a high spawn rate as well and its nothing to OHKO them I have done this with a Fire/Earth, Wind/Earth sheep and two gunners ones and scientist and the other is a Cyber Hunter and altho the formula and logic is essentially correct I always recommend to go for the TM more than the Exp because in todays day of myhax lvling to add stats means nothing so i rather have my skills faster than my peers. That I why i recommend Icys and Yetis over Santas.

Originally Posted by DarkSuperGunner
Gun Overdrive is TM 140, i just got it still need 4 more tm to max it and master it.

thought i might help out
Thank you for the assist my scientist is still learning beserker lol.
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