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Originally Posted by aLo
@ step and leng : Let's gooooo x3- When we become ballin though o: It'd be fun, or when I feel like spending so much money that I got so broke D:

@JC : Well, we have been friends, all of us for such a long time, I guess you can say it may be the girls fault for letting some of the guys fall into this norm. It used to be like oh this one time he didn't have money then we paid for him, but soon enough it just got more frequent. Today we went to one of them's party, we were living off ice cream until we had pizza that we all pitched in.. I think, we all threw in 10 or so dollars... I didn't know the price. I guess it's not that I should leave them completely, maybe us girls need to just ditch them once for them to realize what they have become D: like what Leenalia said. hobos D:!
The problem with that is that you're expecting them to suddenly realize the problem of what they are doing. I don't know what you call a "long time" but last I checked you're still young >_>, so I don't know if these people really are "long time" friends. I'll leave that up to you, but its best you be frank with them instead of expecting them to figure it out. They may be dumb and wonder why you won't hang out with them.