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Originally Posted by Kowiz

just download that, put it into the Sound folder, and let it overwrite your NAGC sound file, if it doesn't work, you can just run the patch client, and it will download the NAGC sound file.

and then bypass the patch client with the S key on my batch file
Sorry that I took a while to reply,
Ok the file fitted in nicely XD it meant that the thing only checks for v3 files.
I can get in game without any errors, but it is just one file of sound korea.kom therefore the voices are still in english.
Glad that it worked though :P, anyway to get rest of the files and resSets by changing the given URL a little? (Link given worked now)( I am using Firefox )

EDIT: Ok some characters have full Korea voice now, like elesis.
Amy's still in full English voice when I used Muse, will test more in practice mode later.

EDIT2:Elesis, Arme, Lire and Lass have full Korean voice (lass's 4th skills have English voice after the shout)
The Rest of the characters, ryan, ronan, amy, jin and Sieghart have full English voice.

Don't go to using IE cause it needs to install some verifier or something in order to access the site but IE will simply hang and you can't proceed further. (I could still access chase.netmarble sites in IE on character skills and stuff though.)

EDIT3:"wherever you downloaded the game"\Ntreev\Grand Chase\Sound then just place the downloaded files in there if you place it elsewhere.
After which you use the link provided by Kowiz : to download and extract the files to "wherever you downloaded the game"\Ntreev\Grand Chase click and run GC.bat (it might just appear as GC in name) press S after pressing N (N is for choosing the server you are playing in) .
You should see the game loading and all. Login, go to a server then back out into practice mode for fast testing of voices and sounds.

EDIT4: can't test how other files work cause the login servers making almost everyone having the error box "Unauthorized modification of the Grand Chase game has been detected.The progam is being closed." right after trying to login.

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