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Feeling nostalgic, huh?
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Default Timer's wall of text of her Diva experience...

Yay! Welcome back!

My Diva has gone pretty well so far, in-game equips or even MyShop.

The 3rd job Trials, I load up with what you mostly said on gears (Elemental Weapon, AP Hat, HP Shield, AP Vest, HP-AP acc.s, Bruce Lie SE, HP-Mask (I especially love the Olympics Masks due to that it costs 2k pts.) and load up with a HV Fortune with those "Rate 6 HV" cards from the Star Card Pack #7.

For me, I Volley-Kick MOST of the Trials without dying (no KO. Nada). I got most of my Buffs on except for Mana Reflector, which I save it's moment for Tribunal Freyja. I use Evolution when I get to Tribunal Madame Chiffons and Tribunal Leviathans.

As for equips for Training... I'm sadden that I never owned any Pharaoh sets. For me, I use a alternative with a Fire Att. "Apprentice Witch Parasol" and well.. The set. If you are lucky with Salamander Eggs (urgh), I used them for a HP shield. I like HP. ;3 It's hat is questionable, so I added LK just for the lulz. But leveling in the 1st class is quick and not hard, so those didn't last long. ;3 At Lvl. 60-110, I swaped with my Bunny's OLD Active Gacha set. I have crappy compound stats 1.7k HP shield, 63-ish% Light Att...), but it's still a nice subsitude for a Pharaoh set. The cape is covered with a Sprite Stella Cape (X-mas Stella lolbox) comped with 1.7k HP... Hat... I like AP too, but I never got a Ult. helm in Tombeth... So I got that stinken Sprite Crown (again from X-Mas lolboxes) and added HV for Volley-Kick boost. At Lvl. 100+, I swapped for a 2.8k HP Techno Sheld (event MyShop gear) and my Buffalo's 97% Light-Att. Sword from the Egg Shop! (The Egg Sword had HV/HP too, sot hat really help alot!)

Lvl. 125+ I swapped to a in-between AP 404 Ult. Nasal helmet (The Tiara she's wearing in my sprite) and a Bandit Hat 150 with 3.2k HP for Impelling Rage (if you are Fiesta-crazy). Yes. All of my old stuff are MyShop recycles.

In bosses experience...

Tut: Easy as cake. Just be carefull about his Banish. I went at around Lvl. 60 as Kyuuzumi suggested. ;3 Suggest the equips I/Kyuuzumi listed. But minor tweaks is fine. (I have a 3rd Aniv. Vest with almost 1k HP due that I lack in the Golden Mole Vest...)

Tombeth: I never made it to Tombeth, as I was soooo rushed Leveling! xD But if I were to go there, I would hunt at Lvl. 130+, as most characters will not need HP pots because Tombeth is a easy kill. Though you need to carry a few MP pots for your Buffs and Volley Kick (and Card Strike). And if you are low on WT (especially for a 4114 build), have a Purple Earing and Duckling Keychain with you when adventuring on trials! (There are other WT acc. exist in-game... Just a bit hard to spot. One of them is at Poppuri Dungen...)

Skull: Due to drilling-heavy trials, I will go VERY LESS, maybe once a day. For fighting him, I can go both Methods: Evolution or the classic Volley Kick+Card Strike. Or if you are pure HP, add Impelling Rage to push off his mobs. ==;; But just be warned, due to the drilling nerf, I expect to take most of the minutes before an hour before reaching Skull (I also dig spares just in-case, that's why I took sooo long! DX)

Blood: I would never go to Blood under Lvl. 200... Why? My Duelist had a hard time with this bastard (mainly Banish!) until I hit Lvl. 240 with a new weapon! DX However for a Diva at Lvl. 160+ is a slow killer...(So she can Banish anytime.) So my only suggestion is to Lvl up by training/questing so you can get new skills and new weapons. I would attempt Evoltuion for that AP boost, but I havn't tried it 'cause i'm afraid to die so easily due to low HV.

Yea it's a wall of text (with images). But I still do follow most of your guide (just that I do Sticker Quests.. Because it's a tradition. ) and wanted to give some of my experience for future Divas~